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NiTime Aligners

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A revolution in clear aligner treatment, the first aligner system cleared for nightwear only 

No one has to know that you’re straightening your teeth. Introducing NiTime Aligners

How Do they Work?

Enjoy your day without the worry of removing your aligners for eating/ drinking and then brushing your teeth. Simply follow your dentist’s treatment guidelines for wear, and dream the perfect smile while you sleep. You will wear each set of aligners for a week at a time. Your dentist will continue to monitor your treatment plan with regular appointments (in person or remotely).

The first FDA cleared aligner system for night wear only. So you can get your perfect smile while you sleep. Wear the aligners only at night, put your aligners on before bed and take them out after you wake up. Spend your day hassle-free.

Benefits Of NiTime Aligners


    Most patients finish in 6 months or less.


    You’ll feel 40% less pressure on your teeth vs other brands. Like memory-foam comfort!


    SmileFast Align creates the most clear and advanced aligners on the market.

About NiTime Aligners

How long do I wear the aligners?

The aligners need to be worn for 9-12 hours a day.

What if I don’t sleep that long?

It’s worth brushing your teeth after the last meal of the day and putting the aligners in then until the morning.

Will it take longer to work?

No, that’s the impressive bit. Opting for NiTime aligners will not extend the length of your treatment compared to if you wore other brands for 22 hours a day.

Will there be pain or discomfort?

NiTime aligners may be more comfortable than industry-standard aligners. NiTime aligners use smaller but optimal forces, whereas some other aligners exert more force than what is required causing more discomfort.

Straightening your teeth under a dentist’s care has never been easier!

Experience the ease, adaptability, and liberation of NiTime aligners in your daily life. NiTime aligners require only 9-12 hours of wear, a significant reduction compared to other aligners that demand 22 hours. Remarkably, this doesn’t extend the overall treatment duration.

Simply incorporate NiTime aligners into your nightly routine – brush your teeth, slip in the aligners, and let the transformation unfold as you sleep. Wake up each morning one step closer to the radiant smile you’ve always envisioned. Enjoy the day unburdened by the need for constant aligner wear.