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Dental Check-ups

Keppel Advanced Dentistry

I have been a Keppel customer for many years and have always been treated in a professional and friendly manner by all their staff. Although I have moved house and now have a 3-hour journey to Keppel Advanced Dentistry, I continue to use their services. I will have great pleasure in recommending them to any potential customer.
5* Online Review Michael J

Dental Check-Ups in Sutton, Surrey

You can depend on our team to cure problems you have with your teeth and gums, but we are also committed to preventing problems before they arise.

We want you to look after your mouth, that’s why we recommend regular check-ups where we examine you and professionally clean your teeth and gums to leave your mouth feeling fresh and healthy.

Although the time between check-ups can vary from patient to patient, we will be pleased to advise you about the frequency of your visits based on your individual needs. You don’t have to wait for your scheduled appointment to be seen – if you would like one of our dentists to inspect your mouth, please call to arrange an appointment.

You can also book a check-up directly with one of our specially trained hygienists, who will examine your teeth and gums and offer all the help and advice you need to maintain an effective oral hygiene regime.

If you would like to be accompanied by a relative or friend during your examination, please let us know when you arrive and we will be happy to see you both.

What should you expect?

  • During your check-up, your dentist or hygienist will look for problems including tooth decay and signs of gum disease. If we think your teeth need a scale and polish we will recommend this quick and painless procedure to eliminate plaque and tartar which create the ideal environment for bacteria to flourish.
  • Our experts will also provide useful tips to keep your mouth in the best possible condition. This can include teeth and gum cleaning techniques as well as dietary information. We can also offer advice about the effects smoking or alcohol have on the health of your mouth.