Patient Teeth Showing Orthodontic Invisalign Case Before Treatment
Patient Teeth Showing Orthodontic Invisalign Case After Treatment in Sutton

Traditional visible braces are the most common and popular option for teeth straightening. They are available in a variety of styles and each come with their own benefits so it’s important to really think about what results you would like to achieve, and also what brace will work best with your lifestyle.

Typically treatment using braces can take anything from nine to 24 months for a complete smile transformation to take place. Once fitted patients need a little bit of time to get used to the feeling of wearing a brace, but after a number of days most find that usage is easy and comfortable.

More About Visible Braces

The most commonly used teeth straightening option is metal braces. Today metal braces are far more advanced than people give them credit for. They’ve had a complete redesign to ensure they’re sleek, compact and easy to use and wear.

In addition to the traditional metal brace, variations to the system have also been introduced such as ceramic braces which offer a more subtle and discreet option. Ceramic braces have been designed to blend into the colour of natural teeth, rather than stand out. In addition to the visual benefits offered by ceramic braces users also don’t have to worry about staining from food or drink as the brackets do not discolour and the ties are changed when every adjustment is made which is usually on a monthly basis.

Functional braces which are more commonly used for children and adolescents, are slightly larger than traditional fixed braces which means it may take the wearer a little longer to become accustomed with everyday wear, however most find after time it becomes comfortable. The length of use will depend on the extent of your orthodontic problem. The more severe the problem the longer it will take, however typically it takes 10 months to a year for the brace to work.

Other Teeth Straightening Options