If you have a fear of dentists, conscious sedation could be the solution. Most patient’s fear of the dentist stems from a bad experience when they were young, and this persists into adulthood, preventing them from ever achieving dental health.
Here at Keppel Dentistry we believe every patient has the right to have a healthy smile. We can offer sedation for the simplest procedures such as a check-up or clean, as well as more complex dental treatments such as dental implants.


Conscious sedation is a technique whereby sedative drugs are used to reduce anxiety, and put patients into a dream-like state so that smooth treatment is facilitated in a calm environment. The drugs used are amnesic, so patients may not remember much about their treatment, and they do not feel the stress and anxiety that they have experienced on past visits to dentists.


More About Conscious Sedation

The dentist will be able to communicate with patients at all times throughout the procedure and their cooperation is required to carry out the work. This is how the term conscious sedation gets its name and verbal communication is a very good safety endpoint. We hope that with time, patients’ fears will lessen and less sedation will be required on subsequent visits. We may even reach a stage where the phobia is cured. Sedation can also reduce the amount of time that the dentist needs for the treatment.

Our in-house Consultant Anaesthetist will administer the anaesthetic and monitor you throughout your procedure. An intravenous cannula is inserted into a vein in your hand and the sedative medication is given directly into the blood. The effects occur within a few minutes. Heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels are monitored throughout. After the procedure you will be moved to a recovery area where you can wake up fully in your own time.