Pain-free Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey

Personalised Nervous Patient Care

by Dr Tom Keppel

Dentistry for Nervous and Dental Phobic Patients in Sutton, Surrey

If you are nervous, fearful or anxious about attending a dentist or have a dental phobia we have the expertise to help you get the dental treatment that you are after.

 We offer the latest techniques and technological devices to minimise pain and discomfort. Apart from the tools that we use, we very much focus on listening to you and explaining all the steps involved. We promise to never rush or pressure you in any way.

With regards to the actual treatment, we will always ask you how you feel before-hand and move forward at a pace that you are comfortable with. You can ask our dentist or staff anything you are unsure of at any-time with no judgment. Our aim is for you to leave feeling even more confident and happier with your whole experience.

What is Pain-free Dentistry? Our painless and pain-free dentistry procedures start from your first visit We will:

What treatment can be carried out pain-free? Examples of treatments include: