Your face is what you present to the world every day. It defines you, which is why visible signs of ageing on the skin can be so unwelcome, especially when lifestyle factors make us appear older than we are.
Keppel Skin offers safe, non-surgical treatments that leave your face looking noticeably younger in different ways.

Ageing is inevitable. There are many genetic and intrinsic factors that predetermine how we age. However there is much we can do to slow this process down. Keppel Skin offers treatments that work, no gimmicks… just sound, evidence based aesthetic medicine.

Around our 30’s wrinkles start to appear as repetitive facial muscle activity from frowning and smiling begin to line the skin. Anti-wrinkle injections can target these areas by relaxing facial muscles, allowing the skin cells beneath to regenerate and kick out the wrinkle from the inside out.

Into our 40’s, volume loss from facial fat pads and laxity of connective tissue causes hollows and sagging skin. The lips also begin to age becoming thinner, flatter, less well hydrated and fine lines may begin to appear around the mouth. Dermal fillers made from Hyaluronic acid (naturally occurring substances that attract water) carefully injected into targeted areas can re-volumise the face. Lip fillers can be used to improve definition and volume, and address any areas of asymmetry.

More About Keppel Skin

As we age our skin cells take longer to cycle through their different layers and fall off. Chemical peels are a good way of stimulating more youthful looking skin by exfoliating down to deeper layers, encouraging new collagen and faster, more youthful skin turnover.

We also offer treatments for excessive sweating. Botulinum injections into the armpits can switch off the sweat glands for up to 6 months.

Other treatments such as microneedling and mesotherapy are also available.

We offer a range of medical skincare designed to work in conjunction with all our treatments, to improve their efficacy and keep skin healthy.


Keppel Skin

Dr Priya Suaris
Aesthetic Director

  • Graduated from Imperial School of Medicine in 1995 and has been practicing medicine for over 20 years.
  • Her interest in aesthetics stems from spending a good deal of her professional time with plastic surgeons in her role as a Consultant Anesthetist.
  • She believes that aesthetic treatments should always look natural, enhancing appearance rather than altering it and her personal aesthetic philosophy is a “less is more” attitude to injectables.

Dr Priya Suaris