Dental implants really are the ultimate form of tooth replacement and here at Keppel Dentistry in Surrey we have acclaimed implant specialists who can talk you through the benefits this treatment can offer you.
Whether you are looking to replace several teeth or just a single one, the first thing you should know is that your implants will look, feel and perform just like the real thing – or considerably better if you’ve been experiencing problems!

Apart from aesthetic considerations – and take it from us, dental implants look incredibly natural – they can dramatically improve your quality of life. Some people struggle on with loose fitting dentures for years, suffering from inconvenience at meal times and embarrassment in social situations. If you’re in this position, we can change all that for you. Dental implants can last a lifetime with proper care. Perhaps you’re a long term denture wearer… imagine being able to banish them forever!


Types of Dental Implants

Short Implant Procedure Times and Advanced Techniques

We can offer you short implant procedure times – typically no more than 12-16 weeks – and advanced techniques which offer innovative, reliable results. But it’s not just this that sets Keppel Dentistry apart. Quite simply, we put you first. We’ll take the time to talk through your implant treatment in detail and put together a comprehensive plan that’s entirely tailored to your individual needs. We’ll also make our costs crystal clear so you stay fully in the picture throughout.

If you wish, you can also choose sedation for your complete comfort. Here at our Sutton practice we understand that some people are more nervous than others when it comes to dental treatment and we entirely respect this.

‘One size fits all’ is a philosophy that simply has no place here at Keppel Dentistry. From full implants to single dental implants, and even mini implants that simply create an anchor to prevent denture movement, we can offer a full range of sophisticated treatments using the best materials available. We’ll help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!