Dental Hygiene Sutton
Dental Hygiene in Sutton

Dental Hygiene in Sutton. For complete confidence, visit our fresh breath clinic where Janina Buraitiene, our highly experienced hygienist, can help you to look after your mouth to eliminate the sources of bad breath. You will also receive a mouth health-check to ensure you maintain a confident smile.

Janina will be pleased to offer dietary advice and discuss the effects of any lifestyle habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

More About Hygiene

Gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in adult patients. Colonies of bacteria thrive on the plaque and tartar that gradually builds up on your teeth. The bacteria create harmful chemicals that irritate your gums and cause them to bleed and recede. If unchecked, this could cause teeth to become loose. Regular removal of bacteria, plaque and tartar professionally by a hygienist is essential to maintain healthy gums and prevent tooth loss.

Dental Hygiene in Sutton is excellent home care, also vital for the health of your mouth, so the hygienist will demonstrate correct brushing and flossing techniques which will help you make the most of the valuable assets in your mouth.