Bespoke Smile Design and Smile Transformation

by Dr Tom Keppel

Cosmetic Dentistry in Sutton
Cosmetic Dentistry Sutton, Surrey

We are committed to making sure each and every patient receives the best service, specifically tailored to their individual needs.

From your first visit, we spend time talking and listening to you so we know your thoughts on your own dental health and appearance of your smile, as well as your expectations of us and the level of customer care we provide. Our clinic is designed to provide the highest Cosmetic Dentistry in Sutton, making you feel right at home. We have free on-site parking, complimentary beverages and WIFI is available.

We are committed to making sure each and every patient receives the best service, specifically tailored to their individual needs.


From your first visit, we spend time talking and listening to you so we know your thoughts on your own dental health and appearance of your smile, as well as your expectations of us and the level of customer care we provide. Our clinic is designed to provide the highest Cosmetic Dentistry in Sutton, making you feel right at home. We have free on-site parking, complimentary beverages and WIFI is available.

Patients Teeth Before and After Dental Veneers in Sutton

Dental Veneers

There are two main types of material used to make a veneer, composite and dental porcelain. A composite veneer can be directly built up in your mouth or made off site by a dental technician and later bonded to the tooth using a resin cement.

Dental Bonding & Contouring

Composite Bonding is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. Additionally, Dental Bonding can be undertaken for people of all ages, including using Smilefast technology.

Same Day CEREC Dental Crowns Before Placement

Same Day Crowns

When you lose a single tooth together with the root either accidentally or through decay, we can replace it with a single dental implant and crown. Many of our patients prefer this technique because it achieves the look and feel of your natural teeth.

Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is an incredible process that will allow us to meticulously plan your bespoke treatment package, and show you exactly how your beautiful new smile will look before they are actually made.

Advanced Smile Makeover

Smile Makeovers can include a multitude of Cosmetic Dentistry treatments to achieve the natural-looking smile that will be tailored to suit your face and smile.

Teeth Whitening

Good-bye to tea, coffee, tobacco & wine stains! Our easy to use whitening kits come with instructions and guidance to ensure you get the best and whitest smile that you are after.

Open Late Thursdays

We are open until 8.30pm on Thursdays. See our opening times at the bottom of this page.

Bespoke Smile

Dr Tom Keppel has over 20 years experience. Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry including; Smile Makeovers & Dental Veneers.

Service & Care First

We treat you as an individual and always listen to your expectations. To help you on your journey we offer Free No-obligation Cosmetic and Implant Consultation. No hard-sell here.


All our dentists continue to train in their special-interest treatment skills. Some of us also teach other dentists. We are all very friendly and you can ask us anything.

Cosmetic Dentistry Makeover Before and After Front Teeth
Teeth Showing Before and After Dental Veneer Placement


Keppel Advanced Dentistry

I have been working as a cosmetic and restorative dentist at Keppel Dentistry in Sutton, Surrey, UK for nearly 20 years as well as Harley Street in Central London. I help you to have a smile that not only looks great, but that functions perfectly as well, ensuring that you look and feel your best.

My philosophy of ‘form follows function’ means that how you chew is as important as how you smile. I find the field of jaw and tooth function fascinating. Restoring a smile is greatly satisfying to me, for a patient to be able to eat a steak again with comfort is equally important.

My team and I do not rush, if you are nervous or anxious we help you relax. We make you feel valued and genuinely cared for. Ultimately, many of our patients get the new-found confidence and fabulous feeling of wellbeing that a fantastic, natural-looking smile provides.

Dr Tom Keppel continues his professional development by attending courses in the UK and worldwide.

Dr Tom Keppel

GDC No: 68586, BA BDENTSC (Dublin)

Lady Smiling After Cosmetic Dentistry in Sutton
Lady Smiling After Cosmetic Dentistry in Sutton
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    Our dentist will see you to understand what you aim to achieve with the treatment and discuss the different options available to you based on your suitability for veneers. At this visit the dentist may also take measurements in the form of x-rays or moulds of your teeth.
  • 2
    Once you have decided on dental veneers as a course of treatment your teeth will be prepared for the veneer. This involves stripping off a very thin piece of enamel from the tooth and making a mould of the prepared tooth to be used in preparing the veneer.
  • 3
    When you return for the veneers to be fitted your tooth or teeth will be roughened to create a stronger bond with the veneer and the veneer will be shaped and coloured. It is fitted to the tooth with a special cement which is hardened with a specialist light.

Who doesn’t want to be able to smile with confidence?
Our Cosmetic Dentist will guide and disccus the best options to get the smile that you are after.

At Keppel Dentistry we know people can be unhappy with the appearance and feel of their teeth. When that happens, we’re here to help.

Cosmetic Dentistry Where Your Needs Come First

Book a Digitial Smile Design to See Your Transformation

We pride ourselves on having a team of cosmetic dental professionals, including world-renowned experts in restorative and oral surgery. Cosmetic dentistry may include replacing old fillings, dental crowns and teeth whitening to changing the look of your teeth with dental veneers, dental bonding or contouring. Gaps and over-crowded teeth can be straightened with dental braces and missing teeth replaced with single or full mouth dental implants. These procedures will transform the appearance and wellbeing of your mouth. Because you are unique, our tailored consultations let you know what it will take and how much it will cost, to give you a confident smile that will transform your life.

Whether you have discoloured, crooked or uneven teeth, or if they have become worn or gaps have appeared, we can know we can offer a solution that gives you the natural, brilliant, confident smile you want.

Dental Veneers
Veneers can be used to correct unsightly, crooked or damaged teeth. Made from thin ceramic layers, they are bonded to the original structure of the tooth, combined with the right natural shade to give you a perfect cosmetic smile makeover. The dentist will advise whether a veneer would be right for your existing teeth. See more here

Dental Bonding
An altternative and more affordable options to dental veneers. Dental bonding utilises tooth coloured composite resin to quickly and effectively change the appearance and colour of teeth, and close gaps overcoming the need for dental braces. Composite Veneers are minimally invasive and cost-effective for chipped and worn teeth. Combined with Surface Correction & Reshaping – this really will change your smile and boost your confidence.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth tend to yellow naturally and they can also become discoloured by certain foods, drinks and nicotine. A Teeth whitening procedure gently brightens teeth by removing stains to leave a cleaner, brighter smile and added confidence. The process is normally carried out in the dental practice by applying a special whitening gel to the teeth.

A home top-up teeth whitening is also provided along with custom-made teeth whitening dental trays which allowing further whitening gel to be applied for a couple of hours a day, or overnight. See more here

Tooth Crowns and Bridges
When a tooth has become damaged or decayed, dental crowns may be the perfect solution to recreate a ‘natural bite’ and feel. Dental crowns are specially made to fit over the damaged tooth/teeth. Materials used in the manufacture of crowns reproduce the look of a natural tooth, and modern methods mean the crown is both strong and durable, and because they are translucent they look cosmetically perfect. See more here

TDental Crowns can even be used to form a bridge to replace several missing teeth.

CEREC – Dental Crowns in 1 Hour
With time being so valuable, CEREC provides one of the most advanced procedures in dentistry. CEREC uses the very latest computer-scanning technology to prepare and smanufacture a high-quality dental crown that can be fitted straight away. Cerec crowns involve utilising 3D image of an existing tooth in preparation for restoration. A computer is then uses the digital scanned impression of your tooth to manufacture a bespoke crown from a ceramic block using a special milling machine – you can even normally watch it being made in our patient lounge. Both the composition and shade of the crown is made to suit the other teeth, after which the CEREC crown is ready for the dentist to bond onto the tooth as a crown or inlay.

All this from start to finish in only one visit. As always, we will be happy to offer a free consultation to help you choose the type of crown that meets your needs.