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CfastSmileTRU for Stunning Smiles within Months in Sutton, Surrey

What is CfastSmileTRU?

Cfast is a cosmetic dentistry treatment that works to give you a gorgeous smile by correcting the alignment of your teeth, in a shorter time frame compared to using conventional orthodontic braces. The innovative system focuses on the front (top and bottom) six teeth – the ones that are most visible when you smile. Concentrating the attention on these teeth significantly shortens the treatment time, allowing you to get the beautiful smile of your dreams in just a few short months.

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How Does Cfast Work?

The Cfast system concentrates in straightening the top and bottom six front teeth with the use of barely visible wires, brackets, or aligners to keep the treatment unobtrusive. These wires work by exerting minimal pressure on the brackets to move teeth into their properly aligned position for highly predictable results and minimized discomfort for the patient. And because CfastSmileTRU focuses only on the most visible teeth, the treatment time takes only a few months instead of years to be completed.

What are the Benefits of Cfast Braces?

Fast Results – Cfast braces can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile in approximately 6 months, with most treatments completed successfully in 4 to 6 months’ time. This is a vast improvement from the conventional dental braces treatment that can take years to correct the alignment of teeth for cosmetic improvement.

Minimal Discomfort – The orthodontic system uses light pressure to move the teeth into the correctly aligned position. The force required with this treatment is minimal because only the front teeth need to be pushed into proper alignment. This results in greatly minimized discomfort because extreme tightening of the braces is not needed to coax the six bottom and top teeth in the front to a straighter position.

Discreet – The CfastSmileTRU system is barely noticeable because it uses tooth-coloured nickel-titanium wires and clear brackets, lingual braces, or clear aligners to move teeth into better alignment. The teeth straightening can proceed without anyone else noticing the braces, which saves patients from embarrassment. The braces are also designed to be used without interfering with normal speech and will not make eating difficult, allowing patients to lead normal lives while undergoing cosmetic dentistry treatment.

Affordable – As the Cfast system focuses only on the six front teeth at the top and bottom arches, treatment is completed at a fraction of the time spent using conventional dental braces. This orthodontic treatment is made more affordable because of the shortened time frame and the reduced number of dental appointments required to finish the entire teeth straightening process.

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Smile Transformations with Cfast Braces?

Types of Cfast Treatments

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