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Aesthetic Dental Crowns in Sutton, Surrey

Used for large areas of decay, or for teeth which have broken down, crowns and bridges are an important element of reconstructive dental surgery, preserving teeth which might otherwise be lost and frequently preventing the need for dentures.

Here at Keppel Dentistry in Surrey we’re highly experienced in this form of dentistry – but like everything else we do, we’re keen to go the extra mile to please our patients. This is why we offer a range of aesthetic crowns, skilfully made from non-metallic materials for the best possible aesthetic results.

Bespoke Aesthetic Dental Crowns for each individual patient. Strong and durable as well as natural looking.

  • Our IPS e.Max crowns are individually crafted from porcelain to fit the specific requirements of each patient who needs this form of dental work. Aesthetic crowns such as these provide all the functionality and reliable performance of any other type of dental crowns, but are exceptionally realistic in appearance and are carefully matched to the shade of your own teeth.
  • The natural appearance of the porcelain crowns we fit is further enhanced by the fact that they don’t leave tell-tale signs, such as a distinctive gap or ‘black line’ alongside your gum line. Quite simply, they look like natural teeth.
  • IPS e.Max porcelain is an extremely strong material but it’s also kind to your gums. The porcelain fits snugly against the soft tissues without having an abrasive effect. We would particularly recommend aesthetic crowns for use at the front of the mouth where they will be at their most visible, but their strong inner structure mean these exceptionally high quality crowns are suitable for use anywhere, even to restore back teeth. A steady stream of delighted patients bears testimony to the fact that aesthetic crowns really do make a world of difference. Time to find out for yourself?
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