Over the summer holiday, children (between the ages of 2-17) eat 5 times more sugar than during term time, with the principal perpetrators being ice cream and sugary drinks. 


The survey that established this statistic also found that 80% of the parents interviewed felt concerned about their child’s sugar intake over the summer period, with many slacking off stricter rules in a bid to prevent boredom. What’s more, 40% of those surveyed admitted failing to check to see if their child had brushed their teeth over the holiday period.

Loss of structure over the summer holidays

The sudden loss of routine over the summer holidays can be challenging for parents. Children will inevitably be attending sleepovers and spending more time away from home at friends’ houses where their dental routine is not as supervised as it would be at home under the watchful eye of mum and dad. Not being in control of what they’re eating whilst they’re out can also pose problems. The summer holidays is a long 6 weeks and it can be difficult to re-introduce healthy ways once the holidays are over, which is where we can help.

Post summer-holiday check-ups for your child

Annual and bi-annual check-ups will help flag up any potential problems your child might have with their teeth that may go unnoticed at home. The friendly team at Keppel Dentistry can give your child advice on how to take better control of their dental hygiene routine, showing them the correct brushing and flossing techniques and flagging up the foods and drinks that can have damaging consequences. Regular visits to the dentist will encourage your child to go on and visit the hygienist into their adult years, an equally important factor where a healthy mouth is concerned, ensuring they maintain healthy gums and their teeth stay plaque and tartar free.

Introduce healthy snacks that still taste good

We all know what a struggle it can be getting our kids to eat well, but there are certain foods that are both popular and tasty. Cheese and other dairy, such as yoghurt and milk, are great for teeth, and gingerbread is a lower sugar alternative to other confectionery. Why not try and introduce these foods as treats to replace some of the more harmful culprits like chocolate, sweets, and cakes?


Make sure your child goes back to school with the best possible smile by bringing them along to us for a check-up here in Sutton.