Once upon a time, the world of orthodontics was primarily associated with children and teens. However, with the emergence of modern brace models that offer flexibility and an aesthetic design, more and more adults are choosing to embark upon a journey to a healthier-looking smile. Are you on the fence about undergoing treatment? Perhaps the 3 reasons below can give you that extra bit of encouragement to take the plunge.

Don’t compromise your oral hygiene

Misaligned and crowded teeth can make elements of your oral hygiene routine more difficult, including brushing and flossing. When your teeth are not correctly aligned, unnatural gaps make it difficult to reach certain areas of the mouth, which consequently causes a build-up of unwanted bacteria. If this bacteria is left to linger it will mix with proteins and food by-products, forming plaque and tartar – the type of tenacious staining that cannot be removed through brushing alone. If left to settle for too long, this can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Braces will guide your teeth into a healthy position, allowing you to brush effectively and ensure you are at less risk of such complications.


You’ll get your confidence back

Everyone deserves to feel good about their smile and no-one should have to suppress their desire to smile because they feel embarrassed about their teeth. In fact, doing so will have a negative impact on your wellbeing long-term, as you’re actually repressing the release of endorphins (the chemicals released when you express happiness) at the same time. It’s no secret that when we feel good about our appearance, we feel good on the inside – orthodontic treatment could be the best investment you ever make into your emotional wellbeing.


Brace designs have changed to suit the modern individual 

The brace designs of today are less invasive and fabricated with the needs of the patient in mind. Removable brace types (like Invisalign) eliminate the need to alter your diet and dental hygiene routine as they can simply be taken out to brush and eat. One of the biggest obstacles between older patients and braces was the fact that there were never any particularly aesthetic appliances available. However, patients can now choose to have lingual braces placed on the tongue side of the teeth totally out of view from others, maintaining their everyday normal appearance throughout the treatment period. Here at Keppel Dentistry we offer Incognito braces, a market leader in lingual technology – these are particularly appealing to client-facing professionals who engage primarily in face-to-face work where first impressions are valuable.


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