Professional teeth whitening should always be a custom treatment as this is what makes it safe. The procedure involves having custom whitening trays created and these will be a perfect fit for your tooth structure, achieved by taking accurate impressions of your teeth. In contrast, non-professional methods use one-size-fits-all trays which can expose patients to damaged gums, as the whitening agent may leak over the ill-fitting trays. For this reason, this treatment should always be bespoke, something that can only be achieved by a dentist.

How does the treatment work? 

The whitening agent will be applied via the whitening trays to restore a healthier version of your smile, the shade of which will be decided upon by you and your dentist beforehand. Factors such as your eye, skin and hair colour will be taken into account, so that your smile is as natural-looking as possible. You will then continue the treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Your staining may not be treatable with teeth whitening

There are a number of factors that cause staining and teeth whitening can only remove surface stains caused by wear and tear and lifestyle choices such as diet and smoking. Poor health and certain medications can cause deeper stains, which will not be treatable with teeth whitening. Only a dentist will be able to identify the difference between surface staining as a result of lifestyle and ageing and staining that is linked to your overall health – another reason to seek this treatment in-practice rather than on the high street.

Professional teeth whitening for the best results

Over-the-counter kits are limited in the concentration of hydrogen peroxide they can offer, which means the maximum result you can achieve is 2-4 shades whiter. In contrast, in-practice whitening can whiten your teeth by up to 10 shades more as the whitening agent can contain up to 16% hydrogen peroxide. Here at Keppel Dentistry we use 6%, 10% and 16% Carbamide peroxide.


You can read more about teeth whitening, including light-accelerated bleaching at Keppel Dentistry here. 

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