LED phototherapy: using light to treat your teeth

LED light phototherapy causes various parts of the tooth and gum to regenerate whilst reducing the amount of negative bacteria. It disperses doses of low-level red light at particular wavelengths to improve blood flow, encourage cellular turnover, increase circulation and repair damaged tissue. This low-level light source does not lose energy as heat and instead, the energy from the absorbed protons transfers directly to the area being treated, triggering a change in the make-up of the cells.

Light therapy has been used by professionals for over 50 years now and helps to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Rejuvenate ageing skin
  • Treat acne
  • Improve seasonal affective disorder
  • Heal wounds

The therapeutic effect of light has been acknowledged since the early part of the 20th century when sunlight exposure and other natural light was used to treat conditions such as TB, acne, and even dementia. Today, UV light is also used to treat patients who suffer from rickets, neo-natal jaundice, and several other dermatological disorders.

Oral care and LED light phototherapy

Many people worldwide suffer with receding gums or gums that pull away from the teeth, exposing a vulnerable area where a nerve is exposed. Your gums are responsible for protecting your teeth from the sensitivity caused by hot and cold temperatures, so when the gum recedes, you no longer have this protection. In severe cases, gingivitis can occur and develop into periodontitis, which is when the gums can become inflamed and red as a result of a bacterial infection. The gum tissue will begin to recede away from the tooth, offering the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Another common use of LED phototherapy is to remove a decayed portion of a tooth in the form of a bacterial infection to give a healthier mouth or to prepare the mouth for treatment like crown or fillings. As with a root canal procedure, the treatment eradicates infection from your gum tissue and reshapes it.

LED phototherapy is a safe, state-of-the-art treatment that continues to develop year after year. In a nutshell, red or infrared light triggers a regeneration of particular parts of the tooth and gum whilst simultaneously reducing the amount of negative bacteria.


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